Breach FAQ

1. What is the amino acid ratio for BREACH? 

2:1:1 which is the optimal amino acid ratio. 

2. There are little ‘floaters’ when I mix the powder, is that normal? 

The floaters that you see in BREACH is from the glycerol.  It is completely normal.   

3. My product has a little grit to it, what is that? 

We have added coconut water powder to BREACH to add hydration to the product.  The coconut water powder naturally has a little grit to it which some people can detect in the product.

4. When do I take BCAAs?  

BCAAs can be consumed before, during or after workouts as well as throughout the day.  BCAAs are metabolized in the muscle tissue so they are anti-catabolic and can minimize muscle breakdown.

5. Are BCAAs best before, during or after workouts? 

The best time to use BCAAs is really whenever.  But if you are trying to ration the use of BREACH and only use it once daily, take BREACH post training. 

6. What is the purpose of the coconut water powder in BREACH? 

The addition of coconut water powder is to improve hydration in the muscle while training.

7. I see sodium in the formula, why did you add salt?  

BREACH has added sodium to aid in hydration.  Water is controlled in and out of the muscles by sodium and potassium ion pumps.  So with added sodium and potassium, we can help keep water within the cell of the muscle.

8. Can I mix BREACH with TOTAL WAR pre-workout?  

And what if I mix TOTAL WAR and BIG NOISE together, can I still add BREACH? Yes. You can easily mix any of the combinations together pre-workout. 

9. Do I need to cycle on and off BCAAs? 

No. BREACH is a BCAA product and you can look at amino acids like food where there is no need to cycle on or off.

10. Can I add BREACH to beverages other than water, like my protein shake? 

Yes, however it’s best with water.

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