1. What makes the MRE BAR unique?

The MRE Bar is made from whole food sources.


2. What are the protein sources?

The MRE Bar is made from beef, chicken, salmon, egg, rice, and pea protein.


3. What are the carb sources?

The MRE Bars contain gluten free rolled oats, yams, and dehydrated blueberries(Blueberry Cobler Bars)


4. What are the fat sources?

The healthy fat comes from MCT oil.


5. Is the MRE BAR hard to digestive?

No not at the MRE Bar is a whole food bar not a protein which make it easier to digest.


6. What is the MRE BAR shelf life?

The shelf life is 18 months.


7. Is the MRE BAR vegan friendly?

The MRE Bar is not vegan friendly.