Ration FAQ

1. Most whey proteins are foamy and clumps up is RATION in the same boat?

No very little foam occurs when mixing and no clumpiness.


2. I see RATION is a whey blend does that make it a lower quality product?

No absolutely not Ration is a blend of Hydrolysate and Concentrate.


3. What is the best way to mix RATION?

Water is ideal to keep calories low but you can mix with it water or milk or almond milk.  


4. When is the best time to take RATION?

Chug it down after your workout or sip it throughout the day as part of a quick and easy protein drink.


5. How much ISOTOPE should I use per serving?

How much RATION is really dependent on your protein needs. If you are between 100-150 pounds, we suggest 1 scoop per serving. Over 150 pounds, 2 scoops per serving.


6. Can I mix CLUSTERBOMB and RATION together post training?

Yes, it is a great way to get carbs and proteins in post workout.


7. Can I mix RATION with BREACH?

Yes, however, for best results we suggest taking them separately.


8. Is there lactose in RATION?

Yes, because of the whey concentrate Ration contains lactose.


9. I’m lactose intolerant can I consume RATION?

If you’re lactose intolerant we recommend not consuming Ration.


10. What is the consistency of RATION after being mixed?

Ration is a littler thicker like a milkshake.